Tabletop Role Playing Games by Joel Salda


You are cordially invited...

You are a lewd granny trying to feed your vice at a wedding. Quite a few young folk here but thankfully, there are people your age you know as well. Life at your retirement homes aren’t exactly a roaring time. But tonight, you are looking to have a great evening. However, all of your relatives are concerned that you might break a hip. They don’t know the life still left in you and you look to show these hip young things a trick or two. Fulfill your vice before you cause too much trouble!

The Rules

This rules light, fun, one-shot TTRPG uses a Bingo card for the action resolution. You roll 1 or 2 d20s depending on your action. If you can cross it off your card, you succeed! Else, you fail. When a player gets a Bingo, their action goes from normal to an incredible feat. Fulfill your vices by the end of the night before your group causes too much trouble. Otherwise everyone gets sent back to their homes.

The Reception

Lewd Grannies has been featured on Polygon in celebration for Betty White's 100th birthday as part
The Pixel Circus' fundraiser for the ASPCA. The system has also been played on podcasts , youtube,
and twitch streams such as the award winning
Beholder to No One, Tabletop Roulette, Agents of the Damned, and Weave the Tale.

Lewd Grannies can be downloaded for free on
The Big Tabletop itch page.

The Boys are Back in Town...

A spiritual successor to Lewd Grannies, Raunchy Pappies dropped as a celebration of the success of the original game.
You are a raunchy pappy who is looking to relive your Glory Days with your boys. Life at the retirement home is fairly dull, except when your group can get out. Instead of Bowling Night, the raunchy pappies decide to venture out for a different kind of adventure. Today, you decided to do something different - your group is heading to the mall. The raunchy pappies should work together to help each other relive their Glory Days. Keep it classy or someone might tip off the mall cops and they will send you back to the retirement home.

New Game, New Rules

This one-shot TTRPG uses a Bowling Sheet for the action resolution. Depending on the amount of pins you bowl over, you have the chance at a varying level of success or failure! Aim well and strike hard and you'll bowl everyone over. You will want to do well across your frames or risk raising the alarm! Relive your Glory Days before the mall cops catch onto your group and the trouble you are causing. Otherwise everyone gets sent back to the retirement home!

Raunchy Pappies can be downloaded for free on The Big Tabletop itch page.


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