The vision for the The Big Tabletop has always been to create amazing games with engaging settings, unique mechanics, and encourages creativity from all voices at the table.


Joel Salda is the head of The Big Tabletop. His love of tabletop role playing games springs from 26 years of running games as a forever game master. He is a firm believer of being able to do all parts of the process - concept generation, game design, writing, art production, layout, playtesting, marketing, and fulfillment. Thankfully, his work experiences have equipped him with the skills to succeed in any situation. He is interested in making games that uphold the ideals of The Big Tabletop and helping others do the same. One day, he wants to make The Big Tabletop an entire team of creators and branch into more live streaming for chances to play more games with more players. When he is not making games, he enjoys playing board games, biking, and spending time with his friends.

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Emerging Voices of The Big Tabletop

Wanting to encourage creators outside the TTRPG world, Joel has started to work with individuals who have incredible ideas for a game. The initial results have produced games that are atypical of traditional TTRPG design in both mechanics and narrative. Larger projects benefit from more view points and it is better to have friends to help.

Abbey Rideout is a co-creator of Ritual and an incredible role player to have at the table for any game. Their insight has been invaluable on the practices of real world magic, animism, and ecological systems. As a TTRPG player with dyscalculia, they have helped hone a mechanical system in Ritual that uses no math. They have been a playtester on almost every game for The Big Tabletop and always provide great feedback to make the games better. Abbey is often working on jewelry, giving tarot readings, or spending time with her dog, Goose.

Bryant Hawkins is a co-creator of JDGMNT and relatively new to the TTRPG scene. His knowledge on afterlife and non-western beliefs is helping to form a unique world. He has a strong interest in finding ways to get players to ask deeper questions about their characters and themselves. Bryant can often be found outside rock climbing, kayaking, or working his permaculture business.

Looking for a game designer or need help with your TTRPG project?

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