Tabletop Role Playing Games by Joel Salda

- 9th Level Games' LEVEL 1 anthology volume 2 for Free RPG Day 2021 -

Published by 9th Level Games

Since 2020, 9th Level Games has produced a yearly anthology - LEVEL 1 - for Free RPG Day. After seeing the 2020 edition, Joel wanted to be part of this amazing project. Heavy is the Mask was selected to be part of the 2021 Costumes and Masks anthology along many other great designers.

Heavy is the Mask is GM-Less storytelling game about a civilization of the players design. However, each player only controls a select aspect of the civilization via a mask. How will the mask change hands and the civilization along with it?

Heavy is the Mask and the rest of the anthology can be downloaded on 9th Level Games' Website for free.


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