Tabletop Role Playing Games by Joel Salda


- An Homage to the games Love Letter and Citadel -

Aspire is a cooperative tabletop role playing game that uses cards. The game is inspired by Seiji Kanai's Love Letter and Bruno Faidutti's Citadels. In Aspire, players take the role of citizens who may not know each other in an established location who all aspire towards a singular end. Players push the narrative forward by playing one of two cards from their hand against the other cards the players hold. However, the citizens in this place will only have so much time before they are found out and their aspirations are dashed.

While Aspire will be produced with a setting in mind, the art was designed to be agnostic enough that a group of players could play the game in whatever time period the group wants. All of the art was designed in Canva as a personal design challenge.

Coming to Kickstarter soon!

- A TTRPG that uses milk caps -

Inspired by a tweet about the 90's toy - POGs - from The Hired Swords and Pixar's Toy Story, the idea for Action Figure Rescue Squad was born.

Become one of your kid's favorite toys! Lead missions throughout your house. Find the missing toys and get them back to the room before your kid realizes they are gone. Who knows, maybe the toy has a good reason they left?

The art and layout for the game are supposed to evoke design of toy boxes from the 80's and 90's. Commercial free images of unlicensed toys have been sourced for this project.

Currently funded and being fulfilled on Kickstarter!

- Writing TTRPG rulesets for classic and beloved board games -

As an avid board gamer with a large collection, Joel loves board games as well as tabletop role playing ones. Often when playing a board game, he adds narrative to a game that does not have any. With the amazing components in a board game box, he started to wonder if there was a way to repurpose the pieces to make a TTRPG?

Introducing Games Remastered - a collection of classic, beloved, and popular games that with a new ruleset become tabletop RPGs using the pieces in the box and a printed character sheet.

This project is a work in progress as Joel figures out the finer points of putting a game like this on the market. Keep an eye out for updates!


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