Tabletop Role Playing Games by Joel Salda

Designing games beyond imagination...

Joel Salda is an indie tabletop role playing designer currently residing in Raleigh, NC. His games are often described as having
engaging narratives, unique mechanics, and imaginative world building. As a solo creator or leader of a small team,
he is often responsible for every aspect of a project including designing game mechanics, narrative writing,
art, layout, playtesting, leading design meetings, marketing, and product fulfillment.
He is currently available for work and his game portfolio can be found below.

- The Complete Collection -

A successful Kickstarter during Zine Quest 3 in 2021.
A playing card driven TTRPG set and written in a Wild West tone.

Selected to be part of the 9th Level Games LEVEL 1 anthology
for Free RPG Day in 2021.
Collaborative civilization builder TTRPG.

The critically acclaimed TTRPG inspired by the Golden Girls.
Featured on Polygon, podcasts, and live streams
and the sequel Raunchy Pappies.

10 Ten in ButtonShy's 18 Card RPG Contest.
A prompt driven TTRPG about trying to fix the timeline
without corrupting it further.

An original fantasy setting inspired by animist beliefs and world folklore. The system encourages creative solutions, supports non-violent encounter resolution, and seeks to decolonize traditional fantasy narratives.

All of these games are smaller in their scope and
designed to be played in a single session.

These systems are still in development
and will be coming soon!


Contact to get more information any of these games.